Animated posts & ads using only Photoshop

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Do you know how to use Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop – but videos and animations are not your expertise? 

How would it be if you could 

  • Easily turn your designs into animated ads and posts for Instagram & Facebook 
  • Using only Photoshop 
  • How much more value would you be able to provide for your clients? 
  • And how much more could you charge for that?

Learn how to:

"Create animated posts & ads for Instagram & Facebook in Photoshop"

In June 2021 I was asked to give a workshop at Scandinavia's biggest Adobe design conference called «Making Design» – now I recorded an English version and turned it into a longer and more in-depth masterclass.

Please take a look at the example video.

  • This is an extended version of the workshop that I gave at the conference 
  • With almost double the length 
  • As a special bonus I added also how to turn your animations into .GIF-files to be used in email newsletters and websites. 

This is a .GIF (Which I'll teach you as well)

About Tobias Michel

Tobias Michel has been teaching video-production to beginners since about 2013. He is originally educated as Media Designer in Germany but has been focusing on video-production for many years – including working for Norwegian national TV as video-editor and designer/animator. 

He loves to teach and to show the new possibilities for designers/photographers to move into the new and powerful features that now exist in Photoshop, a tool many are familiar with, thus avoiding having to learn completely different tools to expand their skillset.

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Video-file + Photoshop-files

Downloadable video-file of the workshop
1h 16min
Downloadable Photoshop-files
109MB + 6MB

Animated posts & ads using only Photoshop

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